Special building mortar mixtures
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Brick Mix

Special building mortar mixtures of Brick Mix trademark are designed particularly for projects from facing bricks, either stamped or drawn, or facing tiles and are made by our own formula. Výrobce Brickland, , producer and the owner of Brick Mix trademark, specializes in delivering special building mortar mixtures for facing brickwork since 1995, which makes it the specialist with the longest professional experience in Czech republic. During our business practice we have been able to review and evaluate many various providers and production formulas. We are proud now to offer you these specialized products under our own trademark Brick Mix

Our Brick Mix products are suitable for making facing surfaces while using facing bricks or tiles, concrete imitations of facing bricks and tiles, sand-lime tiles etc.
Special LH adhesives have the capability to hold the products on vertical surfaces up to 45 kg/m2 of weight.
Grouting mortars SH can be used up to 20 mm width of joints without cracks appearing and they are provided in six colours – see the sampler.
Mortar mixtures MH, sorted according to their absorptivity, are suitable for use with stamped or drawn facing bricks and klinker bricks and are provided in six colours – see the sampler.

During the mortar mixtures export we provide our business partners with support in form of consulting, assistance with arranging the transport from the production plant to the partner’s storehouse and with providing samples and samplers for SH and MH materials. As a matter of course we provide necessary certificates of quality and deliveries within 5 workdays.